39500QB1/8 & RF1/8 Factory Refurbished Machines for Sale


Description of Factory Refurbished Process: 

A)       Machines to be completely disassembled.

B)       Bed checked for stripped screw holes, cracks, damage.

C)        Bed to be sanded and repainted 39500 color.

D)       Bushings in bed replaced and reamed to size.

E)        Original Union Special parts used to bring to factory specifications.

F)        Machines to be reassembled to factory specifications.

 G)       Gaskets and seals replaced.

H)       Machines to be run on jack tables.

I)          Machines to be run on oil test station.

J)          Machines to be sewn off to factory performance specifications as above styles.

K)       Machines packed in new boxes and foam, with accessories.  (Note:  Some customers machines may not need accessories).

Brochure on Refurbished 39500 Machines (CLICK HERE)

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