New Machine Release – 5200 Series Portable

5200 Series Portable Sewing Machine

Union Special has released the 5200 series portable sewing machine.  The 5200 series is a 2-thread machine used for installing non-woven or lightweight geotextile material.  The 5200 can also be used to close bags that require 2-thread stitch.

The machine complements our 2200 series machine which features top and bottom feed for superior feeding of medium to heavy-weight non-woven/woven geotextile material and also installation of artificial turf.


  • Available in 110v (5200B) or 220v (5200A)

  • Bottom Feed

  • Hand oil pump for lubrication

  • Open design helps with setting and maintenance

  • 14 lbs

  • Optional large thread stand (LTS5) for using 1lb thread cones.

  • Optional top lock spring balancer to help with operator fatigue


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